Wot no milf?

Published April 6, 2019
Best mates Andy and Liam entertain us with a double solo after our milf model fails to show up.

Frankie's Trip

Published March 16, 2019
Updated March 23, 2019
A touching story and a red hot solo from PT and fitness model Francis.

Meet Dom

Published March 2, 2019
Updated March 10, 2019
Check out Dominic who could be a fun new addition to the TFE family.

Meet Simon

Published February 16, 2019
Updated February 23, 2019
Meet Simon: a vanilla horny puppy of a lad who loves fast cars and a very varied sex life.


Published February 2, 2019
Full film: We're back at Sam's for round two and we're digging deeper...

Ten Years on

Published January 19, 2019
Updated January 26, 2019
Ten Years on we get a phone call from one of our first models: Theron