The Love Bug

Published October 5, 2019
Film: Hopefully not for the last time here's Russell in his own little corner...

The Andy Itch

Published September 28, 2019
Some phone sexting fun with Andy as he takes a quick break from work to meet us for lunch.

Thrill Seeker

Published September 21, 2019
Film: Liam's back in town for good so we pop round for a quickie...

Dead Arm Blues

Published September 14, 2019
After his last outdoor solo we make an attempt at something more cosy, straight after work.

Frankie Chat

Published September 8, 2019
One last chat from Frankie and we watch him rinse those tan lines...

Blind Date:Part II

Published August 31, 2019
More and more hot sweaty action from Frankie and Daisy.