Meet Simon

Published February 16, 2019
Updated February 23, 2019
Meet Simon: a vanilla horny puppy of a lad who loves fast cars and a very varied sex life.

Sacred Parts

Published February 9, 2019
Updated February 14, 2019
Look what the cat dragged in. William just can't keep away...


Published February 2, 2019
Full film: We're back at Sam's for round two and we're digging deeper...

Ten Years on

Published January 19, 2019
Updated January 26, 2019
Ten Years on we get a phone call from one of our first models: Theron

Meet Theron

Published January 19, 2019
An early model and a very basic stills shoot from the vault from 2008.

Meet Serkan

Published January 12, 2019
Meet an interesting new face for TFE: Turkish model Serkan.