Best Friend Sleepover

Published April 27, 2019
Updated May 4, 2019
Sweet talking Sam persuades his best girl-pal Daisy to film a scene with him.

Extra Frankie

Published April 20, 2019
A ringside seat as young Francis tries his best to open up for the first time.

Battling the Bulge

Published April 13, 2019
This full update sees perennial favourite William in all his familiar glory.

Wot no milf?

Published April 6, 2019
Best mates Andy and Liam entertain us with a double solo after our milf model fails to show up.

Frankie's Trip

Published March 16, 2019
Updated March 23, 2019
A touching story and a red hot solo from PT and fitness model Francis.

Meet Dom

Published March 2, 2019
Updated March 10, 2019
Check out Dominic who could be a fun new addition to the TFE family.