Wooders 2019

Published November 23, 2019
Updated November 30, 2019
A sudden return home to Blightie after several years meant we had to catch up with Wooders.

Housewife's Choice: Ash

Published November 10, 2019
Updated November 16, 2019
Ash is the latest young man to put himself up for the Housewife's Choice challenge.

Andrew's Progress

Published October 26, 2019
Film: Andrew's working life is about to change and he believes it's also time for a makeover too.

Heads, shoulders, knees and...

Published October 12, 2019
Updated October 19, 2019
Time off, and time for just about about every other inch of Russell we haven't yet seen...

The Love Bug

Published October 5, 2019
Film: Hopefully not for the last time here's Russell in his own little corner...

The Andy Itch

Published September 28, 2019
Some phone sexting fun with Andy as he takes a quick break from work to meet us for lunch.