Introducing Gregory

Published March 9, 2013
Updated April 25, 2020
His face may be as soft as baby's bum but from the waist down Gregory is a big hairy bloke.

More Laurence

Published April 18, 2020
Another mischievous tale from Laurence and a second meet in local woodland.

Sam: A Flying Visit

Published April 4, 2020
After a five year absence naughty lad Sam returns to the site.


Published March 21, 2020
Updated March 28, 2020
Standing at 6 ft 6 inches, Laurence is a model we've been trying to shoot for over a year.

Tobias 2020

Published February 29, 2020
Updated March 7, 2020
Six years later...Tobias the sailor man is back on our shores.