Carpenter's Arms

Published June 25, 2011
Updated July 10, 2011
Fans of rugby boys will enjoy some of Carl's revelations not to mention his first solo.

Home Comforts

Published June 10, 2011
Updated June 17, 2011
Daniel takes us back to his old den at the family home for a Full English exclusive.

Jamie's Progress

Published May 27, 2011
Updated June 7, 2011
After eighteen months we're back at Jamie's for a very personal interview and solo while his folks are away.

Daddy's Home

Published May 14, 2011
This is Carl on a typical weekday at about 4pm when he returns home from a building site.

Leaving the Nest

Published April 30, 2011
Updated May 7, 2011
Lewis is now branching out and enjoying life away from the family home.

Carl's Personal Album

Published April 17, 2011
Carl the carpenter gives us a glimpse into his former mischievous life before he grew his family.