William 2018

When William called us straight after Christmas to tell us he had a few more days off work and some spare time on his hands, we knew we had to get a builder-in-a-van solo from our carpenter to add to our popular new series.

At thirty-one life is marching on in the right direction for our golden ex-rugger boy (well someone had to snap him up eventually) and as he approaches his big day this year we are well aware that this could be one of the last times we'll see him on TFE. He is back in the gym again trying to lose weight; he's having his teeth straightened and basically aiming to look his very best for the girl he's chosen to spend the rest of his life with. It's rather sad to think that when he'll be looking his absolute best he'll be off limits to his fans. A bigger house and a family is already being meticulously planned too.

Nevertheless here he is being horny Will again in his brand new van, still missing (just a tiny bit) his old life and giving us the update on keeping his tackle in his trousers as well as a clean conscience as he goes about his daily business. Will is as frank and unselfconscious as ever and we were amused to find he is still going commando in freezing January.

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