Thrill Seeker

Liam's back down south permanently now and happy to have his own flat again. He tells us that he's even happier living close to his best buddy Andy Lee and how both lads are now both obsessed with motorbikes. At weekends there's no stopping these two – they meet up for a long chat and then they ride and race all day long.

Now working as a scaffolder, Liam is as fit and trim as ever, and as he strips down to his birthday suit to show us his all-over tan, you can't help admiring his super lean frame, broad shoulders and tight tummy; his fluffy baby bottom is a quite a beautiful sight too. We can also see how hirsute Liam has become; if he were to grow out his body hair he would be a very furry ginger bear indeed.

Liam tells us how much his girlfriends (he has two on the go) make of his physical attributes and what different tastes the women of varying ages have when it comes to sex with him. We learn what he's up to in the bedroom department and he knocks one out in fine confident form. 

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