Spencer Meets Louise

After meeting the lovable bouncy Tigger-like Spencer back in the summer we knew we had to see him in action. He asked us for a duo shoot as soon as possible and told us he wanted to make love to an older woman; so who better to pair him up with than our recent discovery – the insatiable Louise!

This time Louise's devoted hubby was ordered to stay in the car after dropping her off at the hotel and within less than five minutes of entering the room her knickers were off and Spencer's tongue was down her throat. Jeremy texted us occasionally to ask how things were going and we had to admit that the chemistry between his wife and Spencer was rather good, in fact the pair just couldn't stop kissing passionately for the duration of the session. 

We've nicknamed Spencer the Duracell bunny today because watching the pace and fervour of his pounding you might think there were a couple of batteries up his tiny bottom – photographs hardly do that part of his performance any justice. Part one of the new film is now up.

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