Seven Year Itch

We called David 'Flavour of the Month' when we photographed him in back 2010 and sure enough the ubiquity of this almost perfect model boy saw him eventually being passed over by many commercial sites, although this may have had much to do with the fact that he wasn't prepared to sacrifice personal relationships by performing in duo shoots.

David's was the first film we ever made, in fact and we start this one making him watch it back – he immediately cringes at the tee-shirt he was wearing – and in 2017 it's sweet to see he has stayed true to his resolve and is still with his long term girlfriend, the proud owner of a house and is as hardworking, cheerful and practically optimistic as when we first met him.

David still works out diligently and takes immense pride in his body which has earned him an enormous and varied personal following. He reveals the kind of feedback he receives and reflects on how his fanbase is getting younger and younger. Nature has been extremely kind to David but it's his pragmaticism – the ability to put on the blinkers and treat his face and body as a lucrative brand – that has helped him reap the financial rewards long after a fashion modelling career might have ended. 

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