Settling Down

Nathan explains how his scaffolding work slows down considerably at this time of year which is tough when you are self-employed and so while he has a compulsory week off, we take the opportunity to put some extra wages in the pockets of his skinny jeans. We're actually seeing him a few hours before his Valentine's night out, in fact he called this solo performance his pre-Valentine's dinner wank.

Time for a proper catch-up then and Nathan goes into all the details of living with a partner he loves: from cooking together to how much more fulfilling his sex life is too – he says he's never been more experimental after three years of being with one (eighteen-year-old) girl. Nathan really opens up  – and after a solo and a shower we send one happy bunny back to his contended life. He is looking forward to the warmer weather and a six-day week again on the scaffolding when Spring is finally here.

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