Seducing the Coach

This shoot took place in 2008 when Darren was a single guy and still playing semi-professional football. He was managing to hold down a full time job during the week and any other spare time was spent coaching privately to make some extra cash.

Any good looking coach or PE teacher will tell you how pupils' mums flirt outrageously with them. Bored housewives will often send extravagant gifts and some will even become quite predatory, trying to engineer private lessons in order to be alone with the coach. Darren was quite used to suggestive comments and furtive offers from wealthy mums and told us of one such experience where one of his star pupils had recently moved miles out of the catchment area. Darren had found himself spending more and more time at the boy's home at the request of his mother.

Bernadette clearly loved seeing her son hone his skills but it was also a great chance to lavish some attention on the sexy football coach. She would dote on him with extravagant meals and on one occasion when the wine had flowed too freely Darren had found himself stranded for the night unable to drive home safely. Of course Bernadette was only too happy to put the fit footballer up in her spare room, however the penny finally dropped when it soon became clear that she was clearly expecting a little private tuition of her own from the school football coach. Darren had tried to spurn her advances on the sofa but shortly after he'd retired to his bedroom he realised Bernadette was not taking no for an answer.

We thought it would be fun to recreate this scene and our model Darren had been champing at the bit for ages to get his teeth into his first hardcore job. We asked him to choose any MILF model he wanted and it was he who suggested that Bernadette (who, with her size 46K breasts had a huge fanbase of her own) should be his first conquest on camera. However Darren came to realise that there is a very big difference between watching porn and making it. The atmosphere on a set is often far from erotic and creating good pictures is sometimes a technically tedious experience.

Reality soon kicked in and Darren realised he had bitten off more than he could chew when he was confronted with the confident and very strong-willed Bernadette. He hadn't thought that the big big breasts he had craved might also come with a big big woman, which he found quite intimidating. By the time Bernie had asked him to go down and find her secret piercing in her big big vagina, the football coach was looking decidedly sheepish...

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