Sean and Renee

We had been a bit concerned about young Sean as we'd left loads of messages with him over the past year about work (we knew he really wanted more shoots) and so we were thrilled when he popped up on the radar again and we invited him down south almost the next day!

He brought along with him a special pal; a girl who is actually four years his senior with whom he currently has a delicious arrangement: a f**k buddy basically. They met over a month ago and enjoy regular steamy sessions that often last up to four hours and leaves them sore and exhausted. Sean admits it depends very much on the fuel one uses to keep things going so frenetically for so long. We'll ponder on that one for a moment.

Sean is now twenty-two and looking a teeny bit more filled-out which he pointed out immediately and seemed shy about and yet it hardly notices at all. He does actually look sexier than ever and it's clear that his wild friend couldn't agree more. When we arrived at the hotel the pair had obviously been going at it hammer-and-tongs (Renee's stockings were in shreds) and so we got to work shooting round two. The sight of Sean's fluffy little bum pounding Renee is a treat in itself. 

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