Reece Continued

Our first meeting with Reece was so successful that we headed straight back to see him at the earliest opportunity. We shot him straight after work during the week. He'd been scaffolding all day and arrived freshly showered although we told him later that he'd needn't have bothered: our readers like to see a bit of dirt and dust on a builder, and besides, we like to shoot a shower scene anyway.

When Reece gets his kit off he doesn't disappoint, as many of his conquests will attest. His lean frame and long legs are a lovely colour and he leaves his pubic hair bushy and natural in a determined stance against today's general de-masculinisation of the male – he says.

Later in the pub we got to see this Lothario in action, mercilessly flirting with every woman in the bar. In all honesty none of them seemed to mind; Reece's cheeky charm appears to have a very flattering effect on his targets and his persistance clearly pays off too: he brought a sheaf of phone numbers back to our table – trophies we called them!

Being out for an evening with Reece and his friends meant we got to meet more potential models for TFE – the first being his best buddy Bobby. Check-out Bobby's profile page preview here Reece's first solo film is up now.

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