Post Lockdown Russell

We're just back from a trip to see our favourite personal trainer, Russell, who was very pleased to hear from us. We were delighted that he was prepared to give us a privileged peek at his new apartment that he'd moved into the previous week, and the chance to shoot some natural nudity at home.

Lockdown has done strange things to many of us; given us time to reflect on the things we really want in life. It's been no different for Russell and his aforementioned relationship has lasted all these months and has forced him to make some necessary changes that will affect the rest of his life. He tells us all – but it's not quite what we were expecting.

For those of you who love a bit of extra weight on a man you will enjoy Russell's slightly heavier post-lockdown body: his sticky-out butt is more shelf-like than ever – delicious! After a chat, a shower and a solo, with all our lighting equipment packed away we found him sitting quietly on his sofa flicking through his phone messages and we couldn't resist taking a couple more photographs in the soft  natural window light. He looked just like a chubby angel: a heavenly putti! 

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