Phoebe meets Andy

Phoebe is a delightfully librerated young lady who contacted us a few months back about perfoming with some of our lads. She told us that her extreme curvaciousness had never been an obstacle to finding hot guys, in fact she found herself to be quite a magnet for musclemen or guys who were just curious about sex with larger girls.

Phoebe immediately liked the look of Andy and the ever-bouyant Irisman was more than happy inviting us round for a hot no-holds-barred session. We knew that happy-go-lucky Andy would be the ideal partner for Phoebe's first scene but this update is a good example of how unpredictable a shoot can be.

When we arrived at Andy's batchelor pad we hardly recognised him. He had lost four stone and admitted to feeling grumpy, hungry and having no sex drive whatsoever due to training and a restricted diet. What's more his girlfriend would be arriving home in less than two hours which meant galloping through the sex in the most unromantic way. Phoebe was amazing however and Andy did rise to the occasion although it is clear that his mind was elsewhere – probably on the first pizza he would be eating after his competition the following day.


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