Phoebe Meets Duncan

Duncan our prodigal son is back in Blightie and we couldn't be happier. To celebrate his return we didn't kill a fatted calf but simply arranged an afternoon for him to meet our fantastic new man eater: Phoebe.

Phoebe had already picked out Duncan as one of the lads she would most like to work with – she loved his deep voice – and the first thing she commented on when they met was how long his eyelashes were! Duncan seems much happier than usual and has been working out: he is as lean and toned as ever – the beard he is sporting has gone down well with his friends, so it's staying for now.

This is the first film we have of Duncan actually kissing (!) and he's great at it says Phoebe. The pair locked lips very quickly and the chemistry was quite strong between these two. Duncan hardly stopped smiling for a change, especially when Phoebe sucked him so expertly we had to stop filming temporarily, and by the end of the evening we think Phoebe was just a little bit soft on the strong silent Scotsman.

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