On the Road

After weeks of chasing popular stripper, model and budding adult actor Jack, he's finally back in our clutches and finally giving his first official website solo. He'd been making a video the night before with an adult actress down on the west coast and seemed very surprised that she'd wanted to continue making love with him all night and again the next morning; apparently she loved the English footballer vibe he gives off. He was even more taken aback that the Spanish stunner had been so keen to eat out his backside. The startled lad told us:  "She kept saying how tasty it was – I didn't know girls were into male arses so much..."

It's just as well Jack loves driving because that's all he seems to do all week. His work takes him all over the UK and his phone doesn't stop ringing. We also witnessed the down side of his work too as a gentleman who phoned to enquire whether Jack would cuckold him (fuck his wife) subsequently became abusive when Jack politlely explained that he wasn't able to chat for long to due to filming.

Jack liked the suite we provided so much that he decided to call up a girlfriend back home to come and join him after we left and he carried on making love to her for the rest of the night. Jack's life is by no means a conventional one but he is clearly lapping up all the attention. 

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