Nathan's Own Pad

After Nathan's recent showdown with his missus over his two-day beach-bender during the heatwave, he had found himself at the mercy of good friends who had sofas to offer as a temporary place to kip while he was locked out.

Instead of grovelling back to his beloved though, he decided to effectively pour petrol on the fire and went out and found himself a brand new spanking flat to rent! Two months on he is very settled and loving having his own place for the first time. He has a lodger (a work mate) and they get along fine, sharing bills, smoking, drinking and watching Netflix most nights. After the initial shock, his girlfriend is now coming around to the new arrangement and Nathan says that the sex has never been better!

We catch up with Nathan after work: he has just arrived home and is in need of a shower. He's been celebrating his birthday this week and he invites us into his new bedroom and gives us another sterling performance while his mate waits patiently at the pub.

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