Meet Tyrone

When regular model Sean came to London with Renee for his duo shoot a few weeks back he paid his mate Tyrone for a lift. After the shoot we spent some time having a drink together in the hotel bar and Tyrone surprised us by expressing an interest in posing for the website.

Tyrone and Sean have been best friends since their school days and are currently sharing a flat together. They both have interesting back stories and what they would describe as a disadvantaged start in life in common. They now have a good working relationship and are making the best of the opportunities that arise.

Tyrone describes himself as the love child of a blond east end girl and a man from Sierra Leone and his thoughts on race and class are interesting. He has a passion for chubby women – even fugly girls – and says he has no problem being naked in front of others either. We put that claim to the test when we travelled to the east of England to see the lads at home. They apologised for the clutter in their sitting room and then admitted it had looked worse but they'd paid two local kids to clean up for them. After Tyrone's session Sean performs a solo too.

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