Meet Serkan

And now for something completely different. Serkan emailed us with a very polite message about wanting to model for the website and to be honest, at first we weren't sure it wasn't a hoax email: a case of somebody stealing his identity to set him up and tease him. Happily we were wrong and Serkan (20) is the real deal.

Serkan's family are Turkish but he was born in Bulgaria which means he is part of the EU and able to live in the UK. He has lived here for nearly three years and is a very hardworking young lad. His family work in the construction and hospitality industry in fact Serkan helps on the reception desk of a smart London hotel.

Today was meant to be a meet and greet (no nudity) but Serkan trusted us enough to invite him into the house he shares with his family and others from his community for an interview in his room. He even sprang a really perky (rock solid) reveal on us making this film a very sexy start to his modelling journey.

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