Meet Nathan

Young Nathan was so keen to start modelling for us that just 24 hours after initial contact we found ourselves sitting in a cafe with him discussing all the pros and cons of being an adult performer at the tender age of eighteen. There was however no persuading him otherwise and he told us that working in this industry had been his dream job for as long as he could remember.

Nathan's smooth face and slim lean body may give him the appearance of a schoolboy but he is actually 6'1 tall and positively grown up where it matters most, in fact two years ago he was preparing to become a father and was looking to raise funds for his own kid's future but, luckily perhaps that turned out to be a false alarm.

Nathan is a polite and sensitive lad but he admits he has got himself into a few scrapes over the past few years, much to his parents' dismay but the recent false alarm has finally forced him to focus on a career and plans for his own future. We are delighted to have this sweet super-blond chap on board and he's very keen to prove to you all what a confident performer he is.

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