Max and Sienna

Max and Sienna have worked together so many times that they know each other's bodies like a married couple and yet maintain the indifference and playfulness of a young brother and sister; like past lovers who fall into each other's arms and orifices with familiarity and affection but with none of the possessiveness that comes with a full-blown red hot affair.

The pair are staying in London's West End on their way to the Paul Raymond Christmas party where they'll be meeting up with all their porn star buddies. The roar of Soho is echoing through the apartment and there's that lovely buzz of anticipation in the air as they prepare for the long night ahead. Sienna applies her make-up and tells us what she loves about working with Max and they both compare their modest pubic hair allowance: it's finally coming back into fashion again.

When you've seen adult actors at their most raw and explicit in commercial features the only thing we feel we can do is become more intimate with them, watch them off-duty – and focus the camera on the bits that don't usually get so much exposure: the back of the neck, the soles of the feet...and watch them make love of course.


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