Man About the House

One of the nice things about a second shoot with a new model is that you've got their backstory out of the way, all the basic information in the can and so round two is a much more relaxed affair. Following readers' requests and Cal's own need for more work we simply had to return to his flat, as soon as possible for another bite at the apple.

Callum had just finshed a hot training session and we asked him not to shower at the gym but instead to wait until we had arrived at home to wash there instead for the camera. Readers won't be able to smell the difference but you can rest assured Cal is sweaty and funky as he soaps himself up for his new-found fans.

Since we last saw Cal he has had a sexual mishap: a young lady sneezed while giving him a blowjob, bit the end of his penis hard and drew blood (he'll explain in the movie next time) and our young ex-soldier was toying with the idea of heading to A&E for a tetanus injection. It might mean a slightly awkward moment for Cal but a fun excursion perhaps for the nurse who had to perform the examination. Another solo film bursting with Cal's carefully rationed semen is now up.

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