Little Boy Blue

It's great that Simon wants to meet up again especially as he says he found being interviewed on camera last time rather excruciating. The quiet guy with the deep voice says he'd rather just have sex on camera any day: no chat, no foreplay; wham-bam thank you m'aam. He's what you might call a no-nonsense kind of a guy.

Simon seems like a very depressed kind of chap to us – certainly an introvert – and so the first part of this film is spent talking to him about his passion for life – or rather lack of it– and trying to get him to open up about what makes him tick but it remains a pretty futile exercise: food is just fuel; relationships are too much hassle. What's more his recent holiday in Thailand was a personal disaster due to illness that laid him up in bed for days.

Thankfully it's a beautiful sunny May day in the English countryside; we're in a county famous for its forests and hills and the hawthorn blossom is in full bloom everywhere. Simon rises to the occasion very quickly and this handsome blond grumpy boy has no problem delivering a really stupendous ejaculation.


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