Kitchen Talk

It appears that the return of Carl last month was most welcome with our readers, not least because of his toned tanned posteria which seems to have driven some of you into overdrive. And so we’re out and about with him again today on what maybe one of the last warms days of summer.

We end up back at Carl's place for some more informal and intimate chat as he potters and cleans the house stark naked: a great excuse to place the camera strategically to catch some gratuitous footage of Carl’s tackle as he bounces around the kitchen wiping down the units of his pet dog's slobber and generally learning to be a capable single dad.

Apart from a massive bruise on his hip from a recent game of rugby, Carl is looking pretty fit and golden again: so much younger than his thirty-six years. It's great to see him feeling positive too as he tells us about another date he has planned for the following evening.

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