Kickabout with Kieran

Kieran's climb back from injury. After several months of no-sport due to his broken ankle he has been training hard and he was keen to show off the fact that he's now down to 8% body fat.

We are frequently asked by our readers to see their favourite models doing natural ordinary things or for casual uncontrived (unaroused) nudity and so after two damn fine ejaculations from our rugby lad it's nice to see him relaxed and at play on the rugby pitch showing off his skills.

A fellow member of Kieran's recently team told us what a great player our model really is; that he is like a Rottweiller when he plays a match. Here you can see Kieran practising his shooting and ball catching skills and witness a cheeky change in-and-out of his kit on the club house pavillion. Kieran's fanbase will love our attempt to bring him just that little bit closer but please note this set features only brief nudity.

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