Introducing Kieran

Our new exciting discovery is fit Irish rugger boy Kieran. We met and interviewed him just this past week as he was moving into his new student digs in England. He invited us into his room and told his new flatmates he shouldn't be disturbed for a few hours while he was having his picture taken and the forthcoming interview is as fresh, real and honest as if you were meeting him for the first time yourself.

Kieran is from a conservative family in Northern Ireland and it's a refreshing change to find a young man who waited a long time to lose his cherry to the right girl – even if the temptations at college have put an end to his good intentions! He has been chatting to us about modelling for the past few months and although he has recently appeared in a semi-naked rugby calendar – which he clearly enjoyed very much – he was still not 100% sure he was ready to strip off and bone-up so publicly – until now.

With an excellent rugby record and a fistful of swimming medals we know this sporty, sensitive 22-year-old will be a glorious asset to the site and we are delighted to welcome him on board. For those of you who love natural lads you'll be delighted to learn that Kieran leaves his body hair as nature intended it.

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