Introducing Jonathan

We were struck by this gentleman's swarthy colouring, brooding eyes and shapely mouth  – surely he must have some Italian in him we thought since he looks like an extra from a Pasolini movie, but it turns out he is half Irish.

Jonathan says that as a child he had an odd face which prompted some bullying from other kids –  it took a while to grow into those huge eyes – but now the girls love gazing into his blue pools and kissing his curly lips. One girl in particular has now stolen his heart and they are expecting their first child together.

Jonny was actually quite a late starter in the bedroom department but his kinky side developed at twenty-one when somebody paid him to be a nude life model. He found he had no problem being stark naked in a room full of penetrating eyes, in fact he kind of liked it. Once while posing for a more advanced art class he was asked if he would mind maintaining an erection for as long as possible. He did precisely that and treated the class to an involuntary climax as well.

Jonathan is a landscape gardener who creates beautiful rooftop gardens for the rich and famous and he invited us to meet him while on the job at an exquisite central London location. It was a hurried affair before his builder mates returned from lunch but we took some rather delicious photographs and we got our climax as well!  

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