Housewife's Choice: Ash

It’s been some while since we had a Housewife’s Choice shoot where a reader gets to meet and enjoy one of our models in an extreme version of Blind Date. The rules: once a model has thrown their hat into the ring they are unable to refuse the task – that’s the deal.

We have quite a few kinky couple readers who often ask about the lads and about possible hook-ups but it takes a very liberated and secure couple to agree to be filmed. Today we meet 66-year-old Caroline who has been happily married for several decades but has fantasised about a session with the slim smooth Ash. She is officially the oldest woman that Ash has ever been to bed with; something he’d been mentally preparing himself for, however he admits he was a bit alarmed when her hubby David came along to watch the session as well.

As is often the case, it’s the cuckolded hubby's fantasy to see their wives in action so Ash had to accept a visibly excited David literally breathing down his neck. By the end of the shoot the pressure on Ash to stay hard and complete his task was clearly getting to him but for fans of older/younger scenes this is a fascinating watch. 

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