Sam was so popular with you guys that we headed straight back to see him and his lovely girlfriend after our introductory shoot. Catastrophe struck however when some photographic equipment had a major malfunction (a first) just as we were preparing the bed. Sam’s partner admitted she wasn’t feeling well anyway so we postponed the much-anticipated duo shoot and we travelled home with empty film stock.

By the time we’d got back to see the lovebirds we found the party was actually over – temporarily – and the pair had decided to live apart for a while. Sam felt he needed some independence and his lovely lady was perhaps tired of sharing her man with 36,000 Sam-on-cam fans. He's unrepentant however as he's just managed to put a deposit on a house.

This longer than usual solo allows Sam to show us precisely what he gets up to on cam and how he edges until he achieves multiple orgasms – he manages three for us today. We also give (much asked for) attention to Sam's perfect rear – in-and-out of the shower.

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