From A Distance

One of the more frustrating aspects of this summer of lockdowns was not being able to finally pair-up Russell with a hot partner – something he too is gagging for. "But I have a free apartment!" he has been persistently telling us, "I'll do another solo!" Sometimes the lads don't understand that viewers want some variety after a series of solo shoots – even when they are as much loved as he is. 

Giving in, we thought it might be fun to arrive early as Russell was rising, to try and capture his morning routine and leave the camera recording in a slightly more relaxed and voyeuristic manner: socially distanced camera work! He responded well to this idea. "Morning wood and all that?" he suggested, and then rolled his eyes when we told him that his fans are still waiting for the one shot they haven't had yet – and keep asking for. 

Ever since we filmed fellow TFE model Jack years ago, wandering naked about his apartment, relaxed top-to-toe nudity is a theme that readers have regularly asked for. We tried a few new camera angles this time, shooting from floor level, and with the help of a second camera and a mirror we also got a three-way climax shot but this is very much a tribute to Russell's pronounced and much praised backside – and of course it's a delicious treat to have our big tough soldier finally surrender the pink. Film up now.

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