Duncan, Louise and Jeremy

Today Duncan meets a very sexy couple from the English home counties. Louise and Jeremy have been happily married for sixteen years and both work hard in stressful roles to provide a comfortable life for their family. The combination of a solid relationship and Jeremy's tolerance has allowed Louise to explore her sexuality; or as Jeremy puts it, her inner-slut. In fact he positively encourages it.

Looking at Louise in broad daylight you would think she was an infant school teacher (maybe she is?) or a pharmacist at your local branch of Boots but ask this yummy mummy what really motivates her and she'll happily admit that it's the taste of a new cock and more specifically, 'a constant supply of fresh semen'.  Her handsome (ex-rugger and rower) hubby now sees it as his duty to engineer private meets at home and in hotels to indulge his wife's increasingly insatiable appetite.

When Jeremy phoned to tell us they were on their way to meet us, he said his wife was so horny that she might appreciate being fingered by Duncan while we drank cocktails in the hotel bar before we retired to the bedroom. This was a mammoth task to shoot (two cameras and discretion asssured) and at times Duncan needed a breather to deal with all the stopping and starting but he delivered his usual bucket load over Louise. Hubby Jeremy joined in throughout and finished off the scene with his own deposit.

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