Dr Sam 2018

It's been over two years since we ran into our busy professor Sam on his way to one of the many conventions he has to attend each year. Today he's at yet another and we get a chance for a proper heart-to-heart in the comfort of a warm hotel this time, where the experts in his specialist field are gathering.

Sam is now over forty and has a growing family so he really is due a transfer to MBFD but somehow because of his incredibly lean frame this marathon man retains a youthfulness that means he doesn't look out of place on our younger site at all – lesson to all of us! He did agree to let his body hair grow out for this shoot and we notice the odd grey daddy hair on his bushy chest that certainly gives the professor some added distinction.

The first thing we want to know is how family life is treating him and more importantly how it feels to be monogamous and still keeping his urges under control – and he tells us honestly. We also note that this is actually the first time we've shot a proper solo with Dr Sam and it definitely takes him much longer to self-stimulate without a partner in the room.


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