Confessions of a Male Stripper

This update could also have been called 'everything you ever wanted to know about Chris James' as he speaks at great length about his past and present life.

Having seen Chris posing smartly in studio set-ups and wearing the classic stripper uniforms over the years it's nice to see him looking completely natural, slobbing out naked on a day-off from work. In this filmed interview and we got the inside story about his nightclub stripping (which he has been doing since the age of twenty) and how this has lead to some seriously compromising requests, ranging from mercy granny-shags to home-visit private shows for housewives arranged by their kinky husbands.

Chris has a terribly short attention span and girls we warn you that a long term love affair with this man is going to be an uphill struggle. He admits, and regrets to some degree that working in the sex industry has desensitized his lovemaking and he now sees sex as more of a sport than a way to cement a lasting relationship.

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