Charlton 2020

We shot Charlton way back in 2009 and immediately lost touch. He was working in a gym and starting to carve out a business in personal training long before it became the ubiquitous career choice that it is today. He was clearly a sensitive and quiet fellow and he was going through some big life changes – a divorce seemed inevitable – so we didn't take the photo session any further. These were the days of static flash-lit posing for us; no film, no climax even! 

We'd got chatting to Charlton again during the summer of Covid 19 and he agreed we should update his portfolio and re-present his debut photographs  – this time at three times the size and resolution of the original postcard size pictures of eleven years ago. The photographs were well received.

With lockdowns coming and going we managed to squeeze in this solo at a central London hotel where he could spread out and relax. Charlton's body is absurdly worked out and defined now. The shoot was arranged at quite short notice and so he isn't sporting the big dark bush that our readers went crazy for last time but he has gained hair on his back and it looks like he shaves his chest. Who knew Charlton was this hairy? And how do we encourage a body builder to let it all grow back?! Film up now.

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