Best Friend Sleepover

We gave Sam a random call last week to see how his house move was going and if he was ready to work again since he'd promised us a duo shoot with his on-off girlfriend. The bad news he gave us was that the relationship was well and truly over; the good news however was that he was literally sitting beside a girl-pal who was quite happy to put on a little show with him, as soon as the next day.

When we arrived we found the cute couple stumbling out of bed and apologising after a very late night. We assumed that the pair had been making love into the wee hours but it turns out they had just attended a midnight film premiere and eaten late. Our assumption that they were fuck-buddies was also proved wrong and Sam admitted that although they had fooled around a bit, this filmed scene was going to be the first time they had actually fucked each other.

Daisy is an adorable girl-next-door blond and a brainy student to boot. This liberated woman just loves boys and sex, and says her speciality is giving deep throat oral relief. 

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