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Bobby was a little reticent about further modelling almost immediately after our last meeting. Apparently he has a very on/off relationship with his girlfriend and we had been lucky enough to catch him on an 'off' week. Three months later a question mark still hangs over the couple's tempestuous union but Bobby is definitely back on board with us! He's even told his missus what he's been up to and she's taken it on the chin.

She should understand that there's a big audience for her cute well hung boyfriend since she's not finding it easy to give up the intoxicating pain she feels when he's making love to her. She's found that not many other boys measure up and has shamefully admitted she is addicted to her ex-partner's dick.

Bobby arrived wearing the tightest skinny jeans you could imagine – surely a poor choice for a lad who wants to reduce the contours of his crotch, or maybe he's trying to send out a very strong message after all! Since we last saw him Bobby has bedded over seven women (girlfriend what girlfriend? Covid what Covid?!) often in  the company of his best friend Reece, and as usual it's these lads' stories of their partying and sexual adventures that are more interesting than any fiction. Hear the jaw dropping tales in the film up next.

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