Axel 2021

We've pretty much left Axel alone for the past three years, principally because he's a very busy boy. He usually spends a lot of time abroad, mosty in LA making adult films; he loves Switzerland for skiing, and Dubai for fun. He's just back from a three month holiday with the family in a very exotic location which is why he is a lovely colour today.

When Axel is in London he has more than a dozen ladies to keep happy (we forgot to mention last time that he's a part-time escort) and when he has any spare time he also has a partner – who he's very much in love with – and step-kids to look after.

Of course the whole world has changed due to Covid-19: films are not being made and his rich female clients have remained more bored and frustrated than ever. This was then a great chance for a catch-up chat. Axel has put on a few pounds during lockdown (which we love) and he was rather embarrassed at his slightly fluffy back that he usually has waxed. Today this bleached blond hair looks rather beautiful against his deep caramel skin – what do you think? Axel also wanted us to make sure our readers know that he's wearing a different blue tee-shirt from last time. At least this shrewd and self-aware man knows what colours suit him best. Film up now.

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