Audition: Stephan

Young Stephan was raised in a beautiful countryside valley for most of his childhood and for this brief meet-up he took us to the precise location where he used to spend long summer days. We found a pretty glade shielding us from the strong July sunshine and he peeled off a few layers with no hang-ups whatsoever, and regaled us with tales of afternoons spent skinny-dipping with his pals.

Eighteen-year-old Stephan approached us several months ago about appearing on the site and we were instantly drawn to his super-blond colouring that he inherited from his golden-haired parents. When we met up with him we were surprised at how bright and pragmatic this young man turned out to be; he has prepared a blueprint of his future in meticulous detail.

We then learned how a sudden family bereavement had changed the course of Stephan's life long before he became a teenager and that he had subsequently been moved away from this beautiful country town many years ago. He explained how he often returns to the spot to rekindle many happy memories which added a somewhat bittersweet poignancy to this outdoor audition. This short and sweet introductory set of photos ( there's now a few minutes of film too) is a toe in the waters of adult modelling for Stephan as he prepares for a new life this autumn with the British Army.

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