At Home With David

David has built up an impressive list of fans from all over the world, many of whom regularly offer him trips abroad, gifts and money in return for locks of hair, underwear and of course sexual favours for large amounts of cash too, which he hastens to add, he does not accept.

Although David is flattered by all the attention he doesn't let the compliments go to his head, in fact we witnessed his deep disappointment when he'd just learned that some of his personal pictures had turned up on a celebrity picture website and you can definitely sense a tinge of regret as David wistfully recalls a time, just a year before, when he was truly anonymous.

Beneath the golden exterior David is a genuinely down to earth and loveable chap who is faithful to his steady girlfriend and who looks out for those close to him. He even has dreams of helping his community at large in the future if he can, so for now being paid just to 'be himself' in front of a few cameras is easy money and the start of a savings fund for his grand plan. We photographed and filmed David in his very own bedroom in the house that he shares with his brother.

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