All Change

After no less than two cancelled duo shoots this past week Stan the Man saved the day and gave us a fabulous catch-up shoot at the last minute. Eighteen months after our two week love affair with Stan we find life has changed dramatically for this real life diamond geezer. 

Stan has recenty become a daddy at last –  to twins no less! He is however now separated from his missus and living on his own in a batchelor bedsit. It's an amicable situation, everyone is happy. He'll explain in more detail in the upcoming film how they both agreed he needed to find himself: sounds ominous doesn't it?

We were delighted to have the chance to film Stan at home relaxing in his own mess and then he let us know that his upstairs neighbour had just flooded and brought down his ceiling – and the repairers were in for the day!  Determined not to lose the opportunity to see him again, we had to settle for another outdoor excursion for a solo. Stan however is frank and funny as usual and doesn't disappoint with his bawdy tales. He describes his outrageous dogging buddy who we just have to meet soon too.  After a rocky start Stan just might turn out to be one of our most interesting characters. 

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