Duncan 2020

Published October 24, 2020
So delighted to catch up with Duncan and to hear his news.

Charlton 2020

Published October 10, 2020
Updated October 17, 2020
After eleven years we catch up with Charlton to see how he's changed.

Bobby's Big Reveal

Published September 19, 2020
Updated September 26, 2020
Reece's best buddy Bobby shows us why he's so popular with the ladies.

Reece Continued

Published September 5, 2020
Updated September 12, 2020
More Reece for everyone. We're straight back for a proper solo shoot...

Introducing Reece

Published August 29, 2020
Who doesn't love a sex mad squaddie with boundless energy? Meet Reece.

Indoors at last

Published August 8, 2020
Updated August 15, 2020
Quality time: we follow up our woodland meeting with Jay with a more relaxed hotel shoot.