It was the sight of William's golden blond neck that first caught our eye while he desperately tried to recall a number in a public phone box. He was in a panic after sneakily borrowing his dad's MG for a few hours and then locking the car-keys, wallet and phone (with all his contacts) in the boot.

William (25) takes after his father: a confident self-made man, and runs his own successful construction company. We were warned by his buddy, our very own Jack, that we might find Will a little too laddish – arrogant even but we have quickly come to the conclusion however that our new model is really just a pussycat – albeit a very highly sexed Tomcat.

Bizarrely it turns out that 25-year-old William has actually played against our own model Jack in semi-pro rugby matches and knows him fairly well from a recent lads' group holiday and what's more, this sexually adventurous chap has also dreamed of being part of the adult industry. With his thick blond mane, his height and build plus the flawless complexion, we think this English Home Counties boy will be a big hit. His first nude shoot is now on line and you can even take a quick peek into his own world.

Battling the Bulge

April 13, 2019 15:11
This full update sees perennial favourite William in all his familiar glory.

Sacred Parts

February 9, 2019 14:15
Look what the cat dragged in. William just can't keep away...

The Wedding Fund

September 8, 2018 09:31
Counting down the days (and the pennies) until the big day Will is looking for shoe money today...

William 2018

January 20, 2018 16:30
We had to add William to our builder-in-a-van series before he begins a new chapter in his life.

Champagne Money

June 24, 2017 09:10
A voyeuristic trip to watch golden builder Will hard at work...

Roadside Recovery

August 23, 2015 05:54
Today's photo/video update is a quick catch-up with popular model William as he starts to settle down.

Holly, Will...and Jack?

September 13, 2014 13:00
Behind the scenes: Jack makes a brief appearance as we see how this scene was supposed to play out.

Ten Minutes Ago

August 16, 2014 13:21
Ten Minutes Ago I met you...and now you're licking my anus? William and Holly get intimate very quickly.

Midweek Workout

March 12, 2013 09:35
William rids himself of the January blues doing what boys do when they are alone.

New Confessions

November 23, 2012 10:33
More of Will's outrageous stories from his colourful sexual history.

Blond Behaving Badly

October 26, 2012 08:04
William is perfect boyfriend material unless he's out on the lash with the boys.

Introducing William

October 18, 2012 08:10
It was the sight of William's golden blond neck in a public phone box that first caught our eye.

Will's Personal Album

October 14, 2012 23:11
Enjoy a glimpse into the private world of William: an extremely naughty blond rugby player.

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