We first met Wil at Wooder's place two years ago when they were about to begin their backpacking across Australia and Asia. They have both been best buddies since school (check out Wil's private album) and now they share the same philosophy for life and are both commited vegans.

Of course Will thought about modelling for us like his friend to raise some funds for his trip but he admitted he wasn't a great exhibitionist and couldn't bring himself to disrobe. Eighteen months on however, circumstances have made him think again. The lads are still having a wonderful time visiting many countries but perhaps a little fed up of doing menial jobs to get by. When Wooders let it slip that his best mate is well endowed and regularly makes a joke of it, we finally persuaded Wil to pose for us while he's home for a few weeks in Britain extending his visa.

It was great to hear about the adventures they've been having together. While living in Vietnam Wil enjoyed a hot two week romance with a married english teacher. The Vietnamese woman already had a hubby and kids but she couldn't help herself. She was so proud of her golden doll-faced boy with the big willy, and Wil even contemplated starting a new life in Hanoi.

Wooders' Mate Wil

March 13, 2018 23:53
It's taken nearly two years to get Wooder's friend Wil in front of the camera.

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