Travers was just nineteen when he left Australia for the UK nearly ten years ago. He had already worked as a carpenter alongside his dad before becoming a popular and sought after tradesman here in Blightie. He settled into a southern coastal town where he could at least be reminded of the ocean back home but Travers still painfully misses the surfing lifestyle he enjoyed back in Oz – plus the weather of course.

Proving to be a talented Thai kick-boxer at an early age, Travers' family invested a great deal of time and cash into his passion and at just fifteen the blond cutie was heading to Thailand where he would go on to win over a dozen professional fights. During the time spent in the seductive country he also managed to get some early sexual experience with a pretty Thai woman seven years his senior.

Like alot of Aussie boys, Travers is quite comfortable stripping in public and will be the first to do so if he's drunk at a party, in fact his party-piece is handing all clothes to the nearest friend and racing home stark bollock naked. Posing for TFE must have been a breeze.

Tipsy Travers

March 10, 2018 17:17
This PG rated interview is a delicious reminder of Travers and his imminent return.

Focus On Travers

August 4, 2012 16:30
"We want to see more of that cute third builder – the one with the dark furry chest..."

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