We first met ex-soldier Toby in 2010 and photographed him twice, but just as we were getting to know him he simply vanished. He'd been given the chance for an exciting new job and a fast-track ticket to Australia – and just one week to make up his mind. So before we'd had the chance to even make a decent film of Toby, he'd slipped right through our fingers! It's taken seven years and a family funeral to get him back to the UK but at last we have the chance to catch up with him.

Twenty-eight-year-old Toby was your classic freshly scrubbed, easygoing home counties guy. He drove a sports car, kept very fit and dated lots of girls. When asked to describe his perfect woman, names such as Cheryl Cole, Sophie Dahl and Kat Von D immediately sprang forth and he always adored exotic accents, particularly Spanish ones. 

The young Toby left school at sixteen and after a brief spell at college went into the RAF which he stuck out for six long years but ultimately found the power games of some individuals extremely wearing and became a boring old fireman instead!

Toby loves all sports and will play anything that's on offer. His main passion however is marine life and he used to keep expensive fish in his own aquarium. He'd said that if he had his time over again he would study marine biology and live in the Bahamas; perhaps this influenced his decision to emigrate to warmer climes.

One feels instantly at ease in the company of Toby and his warm, friendly personality is obviously a key factor in attracting women (he says the girls love his big brown eyes, long lashes and his cute little bum) but unfortunately that means he often gets dragged along to help with the girlfriend's clothes shopping too. It wasnt until we'd started shooting Toby in the woods that we realised he had a much more interesting and exhibitionist side to him and now that he's back home for a brief spell we finally have the chance to expand upon it.

Flying Visit

May 13, 2017 06:58
Serial exhibitionist Toby takes us back to a childhood haunt and does what Toby does best.

Into the Woods: with Toby

November 4, 2010 21:54
Ex-soldier and fireman Toby comes to life when he is released into the woods without his clothes...

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