A talent scout put us in touch with our Valentine's Day model Tobias who lives by the coast and has been working as a ship's skipper for the past few years. Toby has a personality and temperament that are as kind and sweet as his lovely face but would you believe that this adorable young man sometimes lacks the confidence to approach girls he fancies and longs to find himself a steady girlfriend?

Toby is sporty and adventurous: he is a keen cyclist, mountain biker, skier, abseiler and rock-climber and has even sky-dived out of a plane; next on the list, he says, is a bungee jump. He is also a keen fundraiser for the 'Help the Heroes' charity, committed to supporting a close mate who was seriously injured in Afghanistan.

He describes himself as very placid and chilled and says it takes an awful lot to really piss him off. Perhaps this is due to a having received a lot of flack at school (he was a painfully late developer) but he later got his reward by gaining a perfect backside and growing a nice fat willy he says. Toby says he is looking for a girl who is down to earth and innocent-looking with a nice personality. Any offers?

Introducing Tobias

February 14, 2014 08:03
Warm-hearted Tobias is placid and chilled and longs to be somebody's Valentine on this romantic weekend.

Toby's Personal Album

February 4, 2014 07:52
A doting uncle and warm-hearted sporty lad who loves raising money for his favourite charity: Help the Heroes.

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