We're back down on the South coast to meet twenty-year-old fun-loving Thomas. Although he comes across as the archetypal British lad – even the birthmark on his neck looks like a lovebite – he is actually an enthusiastic and hardworking tree-surgeon and can't wait to establish his own business in the not-too-distant-future but in the meantime he wants to sleep with as many pretty girls as possible.

Thomas is the first to admit that he craves attention and is just a tiny bit obsessed with his appearance and after a long hard day cutting down trees he loves nothing better than to be pampered at his local hairdressing salon. He'll top up his tan (he keeps his boxers on for a natural set of tan lines) and he'll get himself manscaped; chest and tummy hair is removed and he'll even have his eyebrows waxed.

Thomas loves clubbing and finding new girls but he seems to have an unending supply of ex-girlfriends and fuck-buddies that he rotates throughout the week. While doing a spot of all night security for his boss recently he called out a selection of ladies to amuse and service him to relieve his boredom. Thomas has a rather pretty soft pink tongue and claims to be an amazing kisser: just one brief snog is all it takes to get a girl into bed he says...

Thomas:Take Two

June 8, 2013 06:47
Thomas preens and opens-up in an attempt to raising money for his girlfriend's birthday gift.

This is Thomas

March 16, 2013 15:26
First meet: Thomas finds performing on camera is a lot harder than it looks.

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