"Gosh you're very blond - are you German?" was the first thing we said to this young fundraiser when he approached us in the street. "In fact you look a bit like Bjorn Borg – are you perhaps Scandinavian?" We soon learned that this blue-eyed chap with milk-moustache whiskers was in fact an English country boy (of military stock no less) living in London. 

Taylor has not followed in the footsteps of his former RAF pilot father but instead has been drawn to the world of dance and performing arts and he is also obsessed with martial arts. So If you like men who are creative, sensitive but fiercely heterosexual (think Chris Martin, Gary Barlow) you'll love getting to know this gentleman.

Turning the tables on the earnest young man selling charity subscriptions we asked him a few direct questions ourselves and soon learned that Taylor lost his virginity to a frightfully posh young lady after a roll in the hay on the floor of her stable; the last book he read was The Four Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris; the last great meal he ate was his mum's roast dinner and the last good blowjob he had was given to him by his girlfriend two days before the main portrait pics were taken. We wanted to know even more about our stranger and we couldn't help wondering how this lean young dancer would look in his jockstrap and tights.

After a few meetings and a couple of shoots Taylor put his name down for a Housewife's Choice feature which he carried out with great professionalism and consideration for the lady who chose him. Taylor has subsequently moved on, got a serious job and settled down in his new respectable life, well on his way to two point four children and we wish him all the luck in the world.

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October 22, 2011 17:25
We get to see blond dancer and martial arts man Taylor posing in mid-flight in this studio photo-set.

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